Vastint Poland starts demolition of the Silesia hotel at Ks. Piotra Skargi Street in Katowice. The works were entrusted to a demolition company from the TREE Group. Their completion is planned in September 2019. In place of the old hotel a project known as Nova Silesia – a complex of office and hotel buildings of an area of 35,000 m² – will be developed.

Rafał Kociatkiewicz, Project Manager, Vastint Poland says, “It is important for us that the demolition works should be carried out smoothly and without unnecessary inconvenience to the residents of Katowice. We are convinced that the TREE Group, which has already taken over the construction site will handle the works very well. After the site is cleaned up, we will proceed with preparation of the development of a new project: two modern 13-story office buildings and a hotel with 144 rooms.”

Anna Lewicka, Site Manager, TREE Capital Sp. z o.o., says, “The principal demolition works will take five months. Please note that the building is located in the very centre of the city which will require us to take additional actions to minimize any nuisance related to the demolition works and disposal of large amounts of debris. Furthermore, the hotel was built at the beginning of 1970’s and some materials used in the construction process are presently considered as harmful. We have to apply special protection measures and working procedures during the removal of such materials. We will also wish to recover as much raw materials as possible to recycle them. We will begin from dismantling the neon sign of the Silesia hotel which Vastint Poland wishes to hand over to the city to be later used in the public space of the city.”

A complex of modern buildings with a hotel and office function will be developed in the place of the old Silesia hotel. The planned scheme, i.e. a hotel with an area of approximately 5,000 m² and two office buildings of an area of 30,000 m², will enrich the offer in the very centre of Katowice. The design is prepared by the architects of APA Wojciechowski.